Tony Schmaltz - Success Coach

For more than 20 years, Tony was a leader and coach for companies from 80 employees up to corporations with 100,000 employees. In that time, he learned from many leaders, mentors and coaches. He has helped many people find their successful careers, businesses and lives through his time as a leader.

3 years ago, Tony decided to go on his own to help people overcome their fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubts, find their positive belief system and vision in order to create miraculous results in their lives and businesses. He has been lovingly dubbed by his colleagues as “The World’s Best Belief Coach” as he succeeds in helping people believe in their passions, businesses and lives to find the success and happiness they desire.

Be Schmaltzy Movement
The Be Schmaltzy Movement was started to help people learn how to get out of their comfort zones, find themselves, overcome the fear of people pleasing and find all of the success their hearts desire.

The definition of "Schmaltzy" in German means to be "Overly sappy or cheesy (Like a joke is cheesy)", which is where this comes from. For most people, being sappy or cheesy does not come naturally and requires people to face their fears of what others will think them. THIS is what The Be Schmaltzy Movement is all about. It is about not being afraid of what others think and BEING who YOU really want to be and are.

For those that work with me directly, you get assigned "Schmaltzy Tasks" that are specifically designed to make you uncomfortable and to overcome your fears (In a safe and healthy way of course). For example, one that some of my clients have used (And I love to do myself), is walking up to some random person at the grocery store, look straight at them and say "I am Batman", then turn and walk away without another word. Most won't do that because they are afraid of what others will think. 

To learn more, head on over to my YouTube Channel and watch the main video.

Be Schmaltzy

To quote a line from a fun movie favorite of mine, Van Wilder, "You shouldn't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive". That is great advice that lines up with how to Be Schmaltzy, don't take life so seriously.